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Get Well Soon Becky by CGholy
Get Well Soon Becky
Designed this card for my friend Becky. She's badly sprained her leg at work and is at home resting at the moment. I'm off to see her tomorrow so she can borrow my ace attorney manga. :D 
Sylvia The Azumarill by CGholy
Sylvia The Azumarill
I'm so pleased with how this turned out. She's called Azumarill because of my friend Pim :iconmarvelscalemilotic: 's beautiful rabbit, Sylvia. Here's what he said: 

"Thank you so much, this means a lot to me!

For people who don't know what this is about: Sylvia is my rabbit. Officially, she's my sister's pet, but my mom and I spend way more time with her than my sister does, and she also loves me the most from all family members. She was born on 16 November 2006, and we got her from the pet store on 27 December 2006. At first, I was a bit afraid of her, but in only a few weeks, I started hugging her and started loving the heck out of her. She has been ill with gas pain several times, but always recovered. However, at this moment, she seems worse than usual, and is very weak. She seems to have accepted her death and will probably die in a few hours. At this moment, she's on my bed, a place where she loves to be, and hopefully, a place where she can die peacefully, without pain. Chloe is with me in a Skype video chat.

Chloe/CGholy is an amazing friend who is very supportive, and saw Sylvia in plenty of Skype video chats. She also loves that bunny and understands the pain I'm going through. She made this to support me. The idea behind it is that Azumarill, a rabbit-like Pokemon, is Sylvia's favourite Pokemon. That's why Chloe made this drawing, to support Sylvia and me through a very difficult time, a time of saying goodbye.

Chloe, you're awesome."

Sylvia passed away a day after making this. Here's a picture of what she looked like: marvelscalemilotic.deviantart.…
"Good morning Mr. Fierce."

I greeted a swellow with two broken wings, whose feet had also been bitten off. It is a very unfortunate case for Mr. Fierce. I don't think he will be able to fly again. His trainer has come to the centre next door nearly every day. His trainer mentioned that he and Mr. Fierce were students at Smogon University. They obtained a degree in competitive battles and became runners up in some leagues. His trainer had a spark in his eye when he talked about his battles with Mr. Fierce.

He will need to be told that he is now disabled. The machine couldn't cure his injuries, but it helped him regain his conscious. The swellow refused to speak. He frowned upon the nurse behind me. She was a gardevoir without a nickname. Gardevoir was a new member of staff. Gardevoirs were considered to be intelligent because of their typing, and beloved for their elegant appearance. If you ask me, I would say it's the humanoid curves that get them on their knees. It makes you wonder how accurate pokédex entries are because they make me sound like a saint. If you knew which company I used to work for, then you would be surprised.

"When are my Action Replay Pills coming?" Mr. Fierce growled.

"We can't give you any Action Replay Pills," Gardevoir answered. I can see she's in a difficult situation. Mr. Fierce was polite around his trainer, but unpleasant when his trainer is not around. "They're illegal."

"No they're not!" Mr Fierce barked. He pecked Gardevoir on the arm and crowed. "I had them all the time in Fuchsia City. They made me better in no time. By the way, this room is so boring. Where are all the iPads?"

"Mr. Fierce," I interrupted. I've never heard of multiple iPads being in a patient's room. What kind of hospital did he go into? "I understand that you found Action Replay medicine useful, but they are illegal in the Sinnoh Region. Therefore we cannot give you any."

"Give me a real nurse!" Mr. Fierce demanded. He moved his body up and cried when he tried to move his wings. "I don't want that green tart, I want a chansey that understands me."

"A chansey will assist you later on," I assured him. "For now Gardevoir will give you an injection."

"It won't get my feet back!"

I really wanted to tell him that Action Replay Pills won't cure his disability either, if anything it may have contributed to his injury. While these pills can make pokemon feel stronger and do things they usually can't do, they're illegal in Sinnoh for a reason. They're addictive, they can weaken the bones and cause permanent brain damage.

"I know," Gardevoir said. "But we'll do all we can to make sure your life is back to normal."

"I suppose it's better than nothing." Mr. Pierce sulked and closed his eyes.

I know her intentions were good, but it will give Mr. Fierce hopes up too high. The bones in his wings have shattered and he will need artificial claws. If he had the money he could get artificial wings as well. His life is not going to go back to normal. It's going to change forever and his previous lifestyle will no longer be practical.

"Mr. Fierce," I said. "There is no easy way of telling you this, but there is a big chance that you may never compete in battles again."

"I beg your pardon?" Mr Fierce shrieked. His eyes and mouth opened from the shock of my words. Horrified he froze on the spot.

"Your injuries are very severe and may take years for you to recover if you recover at all."

"What will my trainer think of me?" Mr. Fierce sobbed. "I've let him down."

"The injury is not your fault," Gardevoir told him.

"Mr. Fierce's colostomy bag will need emptying soon," I reminded Gardevoir. That was another problem with using Action Replay Pills, the pokemon start to become incontinent and disobedient in later life. What looking at Mr. Fierce it seems he's been taking Action Replay for years. Some trainers think that they are amazing injecting so much junk in their pokémon. In my opinion they're all idiots, but if it wasn't for some of those idiots I probably wouldn't have a job.

I don't believe the trainer when he said he and Mr. Fierce obtained that degree at Smogon University together. Smogon had high standards and expelled students for using any kind of drugs I should know: I was a student there. I studied medicine with my original trainer. It's a long story, but I haven't seen her since graduating and I ended up working in a lot of health centres until I settled down to this one fifteen years ago.

I know that Action Replay Pills are legal in Kanto, but what Mr. Fierce has told me does not seem right. Gardevoir had her concerns too. It's cases like Mr. Fierce that remind me how much I detest action replay. I have worked in Kanto clinics before and only one has ever prescribed Action Replay Pills, which was an underground clinic funded by the black market. When the boss of the company that owned the clinic was famously defeated by one of the Indigo Plateau champions, the clinic shut down.


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Hello, thanks for visiting my page. I used to do study art & design at college and in my spare time I like to do a lot of writing. I love anime/manga, music and video games. Hope to improve my work at some point.

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